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There is an increasing importance given to the management of environmental factors affecting our personal lives, ISO consultants in Kolkata our community and the world at large. As individuals, it is tough to see how our contribution can have any effect on the grand scheme of things, but equally, any large scale change comes about as a consequence of numerous small changes. Individual initiatives tend to be concentrated more on cash savings than on the general good – no harm in that, but overall, no great benefit either.

At the administrative level, much is being done by government and by local authorities to conserve energy and limit waste, particularly through recycling schemes, and because this has a financial benefit to local authorities through the levy on buried waste, and on individuals through the reduction in energy costs, this will continue for the foreseeable future.


The focus of this article is on the corporate approach to environmental management.

Clearly, the benefits that accrue to individuals through waste reduction and recycling schemes are available to commerce and industry; however, additional benefits can come from an independent recognition of an organization’s commitment to environmental management. Stockholders have come to make out that a corporate concern for the environment is good management practice, ISO 9001 Certification In kolkata and that this good practice can be a sign of excellence across the organization. Share price – a measure of management success, is enhanced by this recognition. Share value equals company value.

But what of this independent recognition? How is it achieved and at what cost, and are the costs really matched by the benefits?

Organizations large and small have adopted the ISO consultants in Kolkata Quality Management Standard as a mechanism to demonstrate in some way their concern for customer and stakeholder interests. Few companies of significance now operate outside the ISO9001 registration scheme, and while some might argue that ISO9001 has not materially affected their business performance, a large proportion claim to hold on to their registration simply because the market believes differently.

Whatever the real truth may be, this one fact is clear; companies holding an ISO service provider in Kolkata registration are well on the way to being qualified for ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) registration if the implementation is carried out efficiently and effectively.

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