Zetcon Technologies ISO 20000 Certification In Kolkata

The ISO 20000 documentation is also called the ISO 22000 Certification in Kolkata documentation and has been made to completely replace and improve after the BS 15000 documentation (English Standard). This new international recognition details the place standards that any business much attain in their IT service management to be able to be eligible for the documentation. IT services are a fundamental element of any business with an evergrowing heavy reliance on computerised technology to be able to complete everyday business duties.

ISO 20000 documentation was created to make sure your business fits the needs of its personnel and customers as well as the needs of the business enterprise. To be able to accomplish that, the ISO companies in Kolkata recognition has produced what’s called an ITSMS (IT Service Management System). Using this technique will allow anyone to utilise the internationally accepted best practices for this services management inside your business and illustrate consequently to your visitors and clients.


The recognition is released in two different sections to hide IT Service Management. The first part specifies the criteria necessary for IT Service Management and is employed as the foundation for audits as well as your minimum amount requirements for qualification. The second area of the qualification describes the code of practice that is internationally recognized as the typical for guidelines in the IT services area. This details specific tactics for the management process to land based on the best criteria of the ISO 14001 Certification in Kolkata documentation.

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